10 Ways Dental Technology Makes Life Easier For Our Patients

Dental Technology Makes Life Easier For Our Patients

Technology Changes Quickly

We get it. The dentist isn’t everyone’s favorite place to be, technology or not. Maybe you had a bad experience as a kid or required intense dental work due to former poor hygiene habits or genetics.

But just as eight tracks, cassettes, CD’s, and even iPods have all come and gone – hello playlists, goodbye bulky binders full of CDs – so too have many dreaded dental technologies.

The rapid advancement of technology has made life simpler and more pleasant, especially here in Dr. Sexton’s office. These advancements have not just made our job easier to practice. They have also allowed us to create a faster and more comfortable visit for you as our patient.

Here is the latest technology you’ll find used day to day in our offices.

Digital X-rays

When we hear the word X-ray many of us think of the traditional radiogram-based technology we grew up with. Radiation risks and clunky, uncomfortable equipment in our mouths may also come to mind.

Digital X-rays are an advancement in the field that has reduced the risk of exposure to radiation and calls for smaller, more comfortable equipment. There’s less wait time for the team to receive images which means faster diagnosis and a shorter office visit for you.

Cosmetic Imaging

Cosmetic imaging is a bit like a crystal ball. It allows us to create an image that depicts the after of a patient’s cosmetic procedure while they are still in the decision-making process. This enables you the patient to make the best decision possible and feel confident in your investment.

What’s the magic trick? We’ll take a photo of you during your consultation visit. We then digitally alter the image to reflect the cosmetic changes discussed, essentially allowing you to try on your new smile before you buy.

Digital Photography

Digital photography not only allows to utilize technology like cosmetic imaging, but it also closely monitors your smile over time to track your progress. Advances in digital photography allow us to have the detail we need in an easily saved format that we can quickly pull up for reference during your visits. This creates a streamlined visit for every patient.

CamX Spectra

CamX Spectra is a detection aid that can zero in on decay in areas that can go unnoticed by X-rays. This incredible tool uses fluorescent lighting to highlight any decay with a bright red color. The Spectra is pain-free because it is completely non-invasive. The biggest benefit? Early detection means fewer costly procedures down the road and overall healthier teeth.

Intraoral Camera

You can think of the Intraoral camera like a Go Pro for your mouth—just smaller. This camera allows us to educate you as a patient and walk you through each step of what’s happening during your office visit. You’ll see everything that we see.

We find that the intraoral camera helps reduce any anxiety a patient may have. By having the ability to see what we see, they have a clear understanding of exactly what is happening during their time in the chair.

Air Abrasion

With air abrasion, you can say goodbye to anesthesia and drills. Thank goodness, right? With air abrasion, we are able to remove early tooth decay and small cavities without these two more traditional tools. Air Abrasion allows us to preserve more of your tooth’s structure, creating an overall healthier tooth.


We believe your comfort after the procedure is just as important as during. This is what makes OraVerse remarkable. It is the first and only product to rapidly reverse the effects of local dental anesthetic. It reduces that lingering numbness in the hours after your procedure so you can get back to your normal day sooner.


VELscope is an FDA-approved oral cancer detection tool. It’s quick, safe, and comfortable, allowing us to catch cancer in its earliest stages when it is most treatable. Did you know early detection raises survival rate as much as up to 80%?

The VELscope takes just five minutes. Utilizing a completely safe blue light, it detects any potential tissue abnormality long before it would become visible during a  routine examination.

Lava COS

We are proud to be the first office in Wayland to offer Lava Chairside Oral Scanner, also known as Lava COS. This toothbrush-sized wand eliminates the need for rubbery pastes and molds to capture the impression of your teeth.

We simply glide the wand over your teeth to capture a 3D-video image. Results are immediate and can be rotated and enlarged on the touchscreen monitor. Time-saving and infinitely more comfortable, Lava COS creates a perfect fit for any cosmetic or restorative dentistry you may require.

Onset-Buffered Anesthetic

Many people who are anxious about dentist visits equate the experience with pain from needles. Which is why we love onset-buffered anesthetic. This new technology allows us to numb the anesthetic injection site for patients undergoing dental procedures and significantly reduce injection pain. As an added bonus it also increases the effectiveness of anesthetic and quickens its onset.

Caesy Education System

We believe an informed, educated patient is a happy, comfortable patient. Which is why we use the Caesy education system during office visits. It allows the team to offer high-quality graphics and detailed descriptions of any procedure you may require. Many patients have expressed that they find it to be incredibly valuable and informative.

The Most Important Part of Your Visit

While technology allows us to better care for our patients, we put the most important part of our jobs first—listening to you. We are here to make your visit as comfortable as possible. To do that, we have to hear you. Your preferences in care are the most important guidelines we can follow.

Schedule your visit with us today to see for yourself what these advances in technology can mean for the ease of your visit. We are located in Wayland, MI.


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