8 Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

Benefits of a family dentist

Are you looking for a new dental home for your family?

Imagine a place you can bring the whole family—one that provides services that are advanced as compared to standard general dentists, and one that still gives special care to little ones, moms and dads, and Grandma and Grandpa, too. There are a few advantages to choosing a family dentist.

1. Service for the Whole Family

You’re already busy enough. You shouldn’t have to run all around town to tend to everyone’s dental needs.

One advantage of choosing a family dentist is that you have comprehensive coverage for everyone in your brood. This means you don’t have to make a separate visit to the pediatric dentist or another niche provider. From the elderly to the very young, our team is capable of meeting everyone’s needs.

This simplifies your dental care, along with your life!

2. Wide Variety of Services

Are you interested in whitening your teeth? Does your child need a fluoride treatment? Did one of your family members recently get a tooth knocked loose or broken playing sports?  Maybe a loved one has advanced decay and isn’t sure if a filling or crown is going to solve the problem.

With a family dentist, you have direct access to a range of different dental services that span myriad different realms, including:

This means you don’t have to book an appointment with multiple providers just to get the treatments you need.

3. Personalized Care

When you only see a provider once a year for one member of your family, it can be difficult to establish a personal connection. However, when everyone in your family goes to the same dentist’s office, you truly get to know everyone on the team.

In turn, this gives you access to a level of personalized care that you might have otherwise missed. This can help make you more comfortable to ask questions about your dental health!

4. Easy to Track Dental History

Your dental records are some of your most important personal files. If you ever need to track yours, would you know where to go or who to contact?

If you visit multiple different providers for various treatments, it can be challenging to ensure that all of your data travels from one office to the next. If you ever need to access those records, you’ll want to make sure they’re complete and comprehensive.

This is another perk of partnering with a family dentist. This way, everyone’s dental history is in the same place and easier to retrieve.

5. Access to Professional Care

When you find a reputable local dentist in your community, you’ve gained immediate access to professional care that can help you navigate every aspect of your dental health. An esteemed family dentist brings years of experience to the table, along with industry credentials and recognition.

Our team is no exception. Our dentist, Dr. Bruce Sexton, DDS, is well-known and respected in the greater Wayland area, recognized as a member of the following associations and societies:

With an expert you can trust on speed dial, you can take better care of your teeth and gums. In addition, by scheduling regular preventative visits, you can stay on top of any issues, often preventing them before they arise.

6. Advanced Screenings

Your dental health isn’t a concern to address reactively, once you’re already in the throes of a painful condition. Rather, your family dentist can help you take a proactive approach to this aspect of your life.

At most dentist’s offices, you can participate in screenings for certain health conditions that could affect your mouth, including oral cancer screenings. During this screening, your dentist will look for any abnormal lumps or tissue changes around your head, cheeks, neck and oral cavity.

As oral cancer usually remains pain-free until it’s already spread, you might not even know you have the condition until it’s already grown. Your family dentist can provide early detection and diagnosing services so you can begin treatment as soon as possible and heighten your chance of an optimal outcome.

7. Set a Good Example

Children learn by emulating.

If they see that everyone in their family is going to the same office and taking care of their dental health, they’re more likely to take an active role in theirs, too.

By visiting a family dentist, you can open new opportunities for your children, establish good habits, and encourage them to follow in your footsteps when they have a family of their own.

8. State-of-the-Art Technology

A family dentist needs to have access to innovative, powerful dental technology to provide all of the services and treatments that it covers.

From digital X-rays and cosmetic imaging to intraoral cameras and digital photography, there are many different kinds of tools and technologies that any office might have and utilize. While each of them serves a unique purpose, they’re all designed to ensure your family’s health, safety and comfort.

Interested in learning more about the dental technology that we use in our office? You can learn more here.

Find a Family Dentist You Can Trust

You don’t have to spin your wheels and waste your gas driving all over town! A family dentist is equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure that everyone in your house, from the oldest to the youngest member, can receive excellent dental care.

Looking for one of your family? If you’re Googling, “Family dentist near me,” then it’s time to make a call.

You need a team that will provide excellent care and personalized service, whether your teeth and gums are in great shape or they need a little help. When you’re ready to learn more about the services we provide, contact us to make an appointment.