A Constant State of Growing and Learning!

I had the privilege of attending a lecture by my teacher, coach and friend Cathy Jameson last week in Chicago.  She is an amazing lady who inspires me not only by what she says, but also by what she does.  She is the founder and CEO of a dental practice management company that our office has been associated with for many years.  Last summer she completed her PhD. 

Here is a woman who has had a successful business for over 20 years.  She has her hands full operating her company, lecturing, traveling and all the regular life stuff like family, health, home, etc.  Yet she wanted that PhD.  She describes herself as being in a constant state of growing and learning.  What an inspiring attitude.  This is the kind of person I want as a leader and guide through my professional life.  It is also the kind of person I try hard to be. 

My Chicago trip was to take part in the Midwinter Meeting of the Chicago Dental Society.  I have been attending this meeting every year since early in my career.  It offers an outstanding array of educational opportunities.  The very best speakers in the world are brought in to lecture on a variety of subjects.   This year you could learn anything from stress management to cone beam imaging to occlusal therapy and almost everything in-between.  In addition, the exhibit floor features the largest dental technology and product display in the world.  I take several classes every year at this meeting.  I also spend a large amount of time walking the exhibit floor.  I ask questions about equipment I’m interested in and I view demonstrations of technologies I was unaware of. 

The Chicago Midwinter Meeting is a large part of my professional life.  Almost every year I am accompanied by some or all of my dental team.  I encourage them to attend for the education and for the exposure to the best that dentistry has to offer.  In addition to the Chicago meeting, my team and I attend many other seminars and courses through out the United States.  We are committed to staying on top of the ever-changing world of dentistry.  Dentistry is in a constant state of growing and learning.  Our team believes that we should learn as much as we can in order to offer our patients the very best service we can.  Whether it’s the latest product available, a new technique that makes a procedure go smoother, or a piece of equipment that makes the visit more comfortable, we want to be able to share it with you.

Thanks for reading.

Dr Bruce

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