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You don't have to live with tooth sensitivity

Top 4 Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

By Bruce Sexton / April 13, 2022 /

There are things you can do to relieve your tooth sensitivity. It’s not uncommon for patients to reach out to us regarding tooth sensitivity concerns—and for good reason; those pains are often hard to ignore. That quick, sharp sensation that can occur after eating or drinking something hot, cold, or sugary is simply not a…

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Dental bridges for replacing teeth

Are Dental Bridges a Good Tooth Replacement Option?

By Bruce Sexton / April 6, 2022 /

If you have missing teeth, your dentist has likely recommended a dental bridge. Dental bridges are one of the best replacements for missing teeth and can restore your smile’s functional and aesthetic integrity by “bridging the gap” created by tooth loss, tooth extraction, or multiple missing adjacent teeth.  Dentists anchor these bridges to existing teeth,…

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Bust the tooth loss myths

5 Common Myths About Tooth Loss

By Bruce Sexton / March 18, 2022 /

With such easy access to information these days, most people have no issue researching and finding what seem like suitable and accurate answers to their questions. But in this information age, not everything we come across online is true. When it comes to our dental health and understanding tooth loss, we want to debunk those…

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Dental bonding may be the best solution for your smile

How Dental Bonding Fixes Chips, Cracks, and Gaps

By Bruce Sexton / March 18, 2022 /

It’s human nature to want to smile. Our smiles welcome others when we meet them for the first time. And our smiles can provide comfort when it’s needed the most. But sometimes, especially if we have chipped or cracked teeth, or gaps between our teeth, we might not want to flash our pearly whites.  You…

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Get a smile makeover for Valentine's Day

Treat Your Love to a Fresh Smile This Valentine’s Day

By Bruce Sexton / February 19, 2022 /

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of it as a reminder to show those you care about most how much you love them. But we don’t want those positive thoughts and actions to end come February 15. If you are like many adults, you want to find a way to let the spirit…

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Build healthy habits for a better life

6 Harmful Health Habits and How to Change Them

By Bruce Sexton / February 5, 2022 /

Nurture healthy habits for a longer, healthier, and happier life. Living a long, healthy life is an ideal that most of us strive to reach in one way or another. We only get one life on this beautiful earth, so we need to take care of our health and build healthy habits so it lasts…

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New Year's resolutions that will last

5 Best New Year’s Resolutions Toward Long-Term Health

By Bruce Sexton / January 21, 2022 /

5 Self Care Tips to Prioritize in 2022 for Long Term Health Want to make New Year resolutions you can actually stick to in 2022? Instead of thinking of things you need or changes you must make to have a “better” you, why not focus on doing more of the things that not only make…

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There is quick relief for a toothache

Top 5 Home Remedies for Toothache

By Bruce Sexton / January 21, 2022 /

Reducing your toothache while you wait for your dental appointment. If you’ve ever experienced a toothache, you know just how painful they can be. At some point, you’ve likely found yourself asking, “Why in the world do toothaches hurt so much?” Well, the answer is actually quite simple. We only get one set of adult…

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Get better sleep this Christmas

Don’t Let the Grinch Steal This Christmas Gift

By Bruce Sexton / December 30, 2021 /

Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep. The holiday season between November to the New Year is often the busiest time of year for people. There is holiday shopping, planning family events, making time to see friends, and perhaps the additional holiday stress of coordinating flights and other travel plans. Our homes are…

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Benefits of handwashing and hand sanitizer

Why Hand Sanitizer Isn’t a Replacement for Handwashing

By Bruce Sexton / December 3, 2021 /

Handwashing is the best way to keep your hands germ-free. Hand sanitizer stations have popped up all over the place and many of us also keep pocket-sized sanitizers on us or in our cars. These hygiene helpers come in different scents and make it really easy to quickly clean our hands, especially after touching possibly…

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