Bruce Sexton

The Challenges of Dentistry (Part 7)

By Bruce Sexton / November 26, 2018 /

In our office we see a lot of cracked, chipped and broken teeth. These teeth can cause a variety of issues for the patient.  Some are just rough and irritating.  Others are sensitive, sometimes to temperature, sometimes to biting and chewing.  Other teeth hurt from the moment they break.  Often the pain is intense. Teeth…

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But Isn’t October Hunting Season?

By Bruce Sexton / October 10, 2018 /

There is little I enjoy more than sitting in the woods and enjoying what is going on around me. Sometimes I even see deer and have been known to shoot a few.  I especially enjoy bow season with its mild weather, changing seasons and the quiet compared to gun season.  So why am I taking…

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The Challenges of Dentistry Part 6

By Bruce Sexton / August 30, 2018 /

Dry mouth is the fastest growing challenge for dentistry today. The main reason for this is medications.  Many medications have dry mouth as a side effect.  People are living longer and require more medications than ever.  This makes the occurrence of dry mouth more prevalent.  Often the combination of medications can make this situation worse. …

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The Challenges of Dentistry Part 5

By Bruce Sexton / July 23, 2018 /

I’ve been talking about different aspects of my job and how they can be both fun and challenging at the same time. The first parts of this blog have dealt with decay and tooth sensitivity.  Today I’ll discuss periodontal disease which many people call gum disease. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria. Periodontal bacteria is…

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Let’s Catch Up!

By Bruce Sexton / June 13, 2018 /

I thought I would devote this blog to what is going on with our dental practice and its amazing team. Last month we spent 2 days with our dental advisor and friend Beverly.  For 15 years Beverly has come to our office and helped us become a better office and a better team.  She has…

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The Challenges of Dentistry Part 4

By Bruce Sexton / May 9, 2018 /

Last time I started talking about tooth sensitivity. I covered sensitivity to sweets, biting and chewing.  This time I’ll cover temperature sensitivity. Temperature sensitivity is the hardest tooth sensitivity to diagnose. All the issues I discussed last time can cause temperature sensitivity.  Those included decay, cracks, bad bite and infection.  If you have sensitivity to…

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The Challenges of Dentistry (Part 3)

By Bruce Sexton / April 24, 2018 /

Parts one and two of this series dealt with decay and the various ways you can control it. Now it is time to discuss sensitivity, a challenge we face in our patients every day. Tooth sensitivity comes in many forms. You can’t afford to overlook any on them.  Sensitivity is telling you there may be…

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The Challenges of Dentistry Part 2

By Bruce Sexton / March 27, 2018 /

In my last blog I started talking about tooth decay. You’ll remember I said many things are needed to allow decay to happen.  Bacteria, plaque, sugar, and acids all need to be present for a cavity to start.  Last time I wrote about bacteria and plaque.  This time I will discuss sugar and acids. The…

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The Challenges of Dentistry (Part 1)

By Bruce Sexton / March 15, 2018 /

One of the best things about being a dentist is that different days bring different challenges. Some are easy, some are baffling, and some are just plain fun.  However, most of our time is spent on five things:  Decay, gum disease, sensitivity, dry mouth, and broken teeth. Today I’m going to talk about decay. I’m…

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