Kids are People Too!

By jameson / February 1, 2011 /

I’m sure many of us have heard that phrase before.  To me it means children deserve consideration.  They are an important and necessary part of our lives.  That thought leads me to my point this month:  Baby Teeth are Teeth Too!  They also are an important and necessary part of our lives that deserve consideration.  Because primary…

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New Year, New Babies, New Responsibilities!

By jameson / January 2, 2011 /

Our hygienist Elizabeth had a baby boy on December 22nd.  She is now a brand new mom, as is Brittney, our dental assistant.  What wonderful changes and challenges await them in the coming years.  With these additions come some awesome responsibilities.  This month’s blog will address the dental needs of your new-born child.  The first…

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It’s December, It’s Snowing & I Have a Point!

By jameson / December 1, 2010 /

The snow fall this morning reminded me that last February the U.S. weather service recorded snow in all 50 states at the same time for the first time ever.  Many areas were not used to snowy roads, and other areas just had too much snow to deal with.  This caused many to stay inside for…

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Thank My hygienist, Why Would I Do That?

By jameson / November 1, 2010 /

Last month was Dental Hygienist month.  I’m not sure how many people were aware of that.  I’m not sure how many other groups got special recognition in October besides hygienists.  What I am sure of is the importance of this group of individuals.  Their job is vital to the dental field, yet they are often…

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It’s October 1st and It’s a Great Day!

By jameson / October 12, 2010 /

For our practice it’s a great day because today we start our monthly blogs.  For me it’s a great day because deer hunting begins today with the opening day of bow season.  I’d have to say bow hunting is my favorite pastime.  The fall weather is wonderful.  I just enjoy being outside, watching what is…

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Cavities are on the Rise. Guess Why?

By jameson / July 23, 2010 /

Something that many people consider to be healthy is actually causing an increase in dental decay among children and many adults. For the first time in decades cavity rates are up, and many dentists are reporting that adult patients who didn’t appear to be cavity-prone are showing up with decay around existing fillings and crowns.…

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