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Help me… I can’t sleep with all this noise!

     In our mission statement, we have a goal of helping you obtain optimal health.  A big part of staying ...
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Exciting Things are Happening in our Office!

Last month I talked about constant learning and growing.  Part of growing is incorporating new things into your routine.  At ...
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A Constant State of Growing and Learning!

I had the privilege of attending a lecture by my teacher, coach and friend Cathy Jameson last week in Chicago.  ...
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Kids are People Too!

I'm sure many of us have heard that phrase before.  To me it means children deserve consideration.  They are an ...
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New Year, New Babies, New Responsibilities!

Our hygienist Elizabeth had a baby boy on December 22nd.  She is now a brand new mom, as is Brittney, ...
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It’s December, It’s Snowing & I Have a Point!

The snow fall this morning reminded me that last February the U.S. weather service recorded snow in all 50 states ...
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Thank My hygienist, Why Would I Do That?

Last month was Dental Hygienist month.  I’m not sure how many people were aware of that.  I’m not sure how ...
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It’s October 1st and It’s a Great Day!

For our practice it's a great day because today we start our monthly blogs.  For me it's a great day ...
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Cavities are on the Rise. Guess Why?

Something that many people consider to be healthy is actually causing an increase in dental decay among children and many ...
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