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Important questions to ask when looking for a family dentist

5 Must-Ask Questions If You Are Looking for a Family Dentist in Wayland, MI

Looking for a Family Dentist in Wayland, MI? When was the last time you visited a dentist? If you answered ...
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Laser technology in dentistry

5 Benefits of Laser Technology for Gum Disease

Why should you consider periodontal laser therapy? Your gums are the unsung heroes of your oral health. Not everyone realizes ...
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Take steps to care for your overall health

7 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Overall Health

Don’t put self-care to the side—make it a priority. Many factors play a role in our overall health, and often, ...
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Keep stress from running your life

6 Ways to Beat Stress

Understanding stress and its impact on our lives is now more important than ever. We all experience stress at some ...
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Reasons it's time to get that dental crown

10 Reasons Dentists Advise Getting a Dental Crown

How can you tell if you need a dental crown? Only your dentist can tell you for sure. If you schedule ...
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Dental implants can benefit your life

6 Interesting Facts About Dental Implants You Probably Didn’t Know

Are dental implants right for you? By the time an American turns 50, they have lost an average of 12 ...
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Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry and How Can It Improve My Smile?

Make cosmetic dentistry a part of your treatment plan. Does your smile empower you? At the very least, your smile ...
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Ways to beat the winter blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues: 10 Things You Should Do

Keep yourself busy until spring arrives! Spring is just around the corner, and with it, the hope for brighter, sunnier, ...
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Baby's first dental appointment

What Can I Expect During My Baby’s First Dental Appointment?

Teaching Your Child to Love Their Smile Preparing for a baby is thrilling and sometimes nerve-wracking. You need a name ...
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Teeth whitening faqs

Teeth Whitening FAQs: Your Questions About Professional Teeth Whitening Answered

Answers to Your Top Questions About Professional Teeth Whitening If you want a brighter, more attractive smile, professional teeth whitening ...
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Establish your child's oral hygiene routine

7 Simple Strategies to Establish Your Child’s Oral Hygiene Routine

Help your child develop oral hygiene skills and have fun while doing it. As a parent, you know that the ...
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What to do about periodontitis

What Is Periodontitis and How Is It Treated?

Understanding How Periodontitis Affects Your Smile and Your Long-term Oral Health Tooth decay often takes the spotlight as the notorious ...
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