What Comes Next?

By jameson / November 25, 2014 /

I’ve spent the last six months blogging about my first 30 years in dentistry. It’s been a long, wonderful journey and I’ve enjoyed reminiscing. But you can’t look back without also looking forward. If I’ve learned one thing over the last 30 years, it’s the fact that things will change. So what changes do I…

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The Rest of the Story!

By jameson / October 28, 2014 /

Beginning in May of 2014 we started a celebration of my 30 years in dentistry. Each month I have written a blog taking you through the history of our dental practice here in Wayland. This month I will wrap up the history portion, and next month I’ll try and look into the future to see…

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Growing and Learning

By jameson / September 24, 2014 /

Last month I talked about building a great dental team. Once I found the right people, I had to keep them motivated and challenged. I did this using education, rewards, trips and technology. Let’s start with the technology. I mentioned a couple blogs ago that I have always embraced new technology. If it made things…

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Team Building

By jameson / August 22, 2014 /

From last month you may remember that by 1990 we had moved into our new office in the Wayland Professional Building. We had started a tradition of education and technology that has carried over to this day. The 90’s became our decade of growth and team building. I believe that behind every great leader is…

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The Transition Years!

By jameson / July 28, 2014 /

After purchasing the dental practice in 1987, I immediately purchased the first computer for our office. It was a DOS based system and had limited capabilities compared to today. However, it was my first technology purchase. Over the last 30 years I have been fascinated with dental technology and have never been afraid to invest…

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The Early Years

By jameson / June 23, 2014 /

Through the summer of 1984 we assembled my first dental team. We hired Jan who had worked for Dr. Dangremond. She assisted and worked the front office. Arnie trained my sister Sue in dental assisting and she started working part time while attending college. Finally, we hired Shelly as a hygienist. We were off and…

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30 Years of Dentistry!

By jameson / June 2, 2014 /

This year is my 30th anniversary of opening this dental practice in Wayland, MI.  I am proud to have been  a part of this awesome community for three decades.  For the rest of the year we will be celebrating and sharing some of our memories and achievements.  Follow all of the fun on facebook:  …

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What Do You “Geek”?

By jameson / December 1, 2013 /

Henika District Library running a promotion:  “I Geek”.  It is asking its patrons what they are geeked about.  That got me to thinking about what I “Geek”.  Of course family and friends and work could all fall under this category, but we all have those things.  We may not always be geeked about them, but…

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Introducing Our Newest Team Member: Jessica!

By jameson / April 28, 2013 /

We have a new member of our dental team this month.  Jessica joins our dental family as our newest chair-side assistant.  She is replacing Brittney who is leaving us after almost nine years.  Brittney came to us  in 2004 right out of assisting school and has been smiling and making our patients feel welcome and…

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Beginnings and Endings

By jameson / December 17, 2012 /

The 5000 year old Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012.  This has led to much speculation about whether the world will end that day.  Last week I watched a show where two women both believed the world would end and made the appropriate preparations.  One sold everything she had and took her family to…

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