Partial and Full Dentures

in Wayland, Michigan

Partial dentures, also known as false teeth, are used if you have several teeth missing that cannot be corrected with a bridge. A partial denture is created to replace those teeth. The denture is removable and designed to fit comfortably on your gums and blend in with any remaining teeth.  The denture is made from a synthetic plastic that is supported with a lightweight metal and mimics gum tissue and teeth to create a natural look while remaining functional. The partial denture is important once the teeth have been removed to keep existing teeth from tilting and growing in towards the gaps and to preserve the bone. Dr. Sexton wants you to be as comfortable as possible so he may make several adjustments to your partial to ensure that you have the most comfortable fit possible.

Full Dentures are similar to partials, except that they are made especially for patients who are missing all of their teeth. Properly fit dentures are important for preserving the bone around your mouth and jaw.

meet mike

“I had problems with my baby teeth that caused my teeth to grow in incorrectly. I even kept a couple of my baby teeth for some time before they finally became discolored and fell out, leaving behind unsightly gaps in my smile. I stopped smiling in pictures years ago to hide my teeth. ”

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