Digital X-rays

in Wayland, Michigan

Digital x-rays are a technological advance that results in less exposure to radiation for our patients and an almost instantaneous picture for the dental team. You’ll appreciate a more comfortable visit with less waiting and quicker treatment.

Q: Why do I need x-rays?

A: X-rays help us diagnose many conditions. The most frequent use of x-rays is to detect cavities. Most people need these x-rays once a year. However, your decay rate may indicate a different protocol. A full mouth x-ray or series of x-rays is also needed every five years. Other x-rays are taken based on need. X-rays help us see conditions not visible to the eye, such as decay between the teeth, bone loss, and other abnormalities.

Cosmetic Imaging

Cosmetic imaging allows you to see how your appearance might change with the application of cosmetic dentistry.

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