Everyone Needs to Adapt Sometime!

A year ago our dental practice hired Jill as a dental hygienist.  This was due in part to Elizabeth’s desire to work less in order to stay home with her first child.  We adapted.  That must have been appealing to Diane and Christine because now they have decided to cut back on their schedules as well.

For Diane, it is a chance to slow down, enjoy her life more and spend more time with her grandchildren.  Diane has been a hygienist on my team since 1988. The only ones who have been around longer are my wife and two step-children, and that was by less than six months.  While Sara has been the best part of my life, Diane has been the best part of my working life.  Her dedication to her job, her profession, her team and her patients is inspiring.  She pushes me to be a better boss, dentist and person.  Our dominant personalities are very similar, and we butt heads occasionally.  However, I would not trade one minute of our time together for anything.  Luckily for all of us, this is only the initial phase of her retirement process.  One day a week less is something we can all adapt to with a little effort.  It’s thinking of the next phase that leaves me misty eyed.

Christine joined our team in October of 2000.  As the business coordinator she pays our bills, minds our accounts receivable and does our payroll.  Over the last 11+ years she has also helped out on the phone, at the front desk and handled financial arrangements with our patients.  When her son was born she went from full time to part time and we adapted.  Now she wishes to cut back more and we will again adapt.  In order to pursue other challenges and help more at her son’s school, Christine will have a more flexible work schedule.  She will still be a valuable member of our team, but most of her duties will take place after hours for our practice.  We will miss her bubbly personality and her cheerful “Good Mornings” every week.   We all hope this is her final cut back.

Of course you are asking; “Wow, how will this affect me?”  Well, you are in luck.  Taking over Diane’s day of hygiene will be Heather.  Heather came to us almost five years ago and she has been a tremendous asset to our practice.  You will love her easy going manner and you’ll find her laughter infectious.  So, if you are as used to Diane as we are, please do your best to adapt as we are.  Try a new hygienist.  Whether it is Heather, Jill, Carrie, or Elizabeth I guarantee you a great dental experience.  Each and every one of them is at the top of their profession and they will all work with you to keep your mouth healthy and looking great

As for Christine, most of her day to day stuff will not change.  You just won’t see her at the front desk or have her answer the phone when you call.  If you need her, she is available by appointment or phone at almost any time.  With this change you may notice a familiar face at the front desk or voice on the phone occasionally.  Judy, who has been part of our team for over 12 years, will be taking over a few of Christine’s business team duties.  Judy began working for us at the front desk and has since move into the clinic area.  We welcome her now in both rolls and I am confident she will continue to be an asset to our patients wherever she is.

Whether you are affected very little, or majorly inconvenienced by our changes, please work with us.  We have a great team and they will do whatever it takes to make you happy.  And remember:  Change is always hard, but somehow we find a way to adapt!

Thanks for Reading!

Dr. Bruce