Exciting Things are Happening in our Office!

Last month I talked about constant learning and growing.  Part of growing is incorporating new things into your routine.  At the dental meetings I attend, we get the chance to look at and try new things.  When we decide a new technology is a good fit for our office we do everything we can to make it a part of what our team can offer.  Over the past year I have been researching and testing two new products which are now being used in our office. 

Last week we started using a new comprehensive, automated patient communication system.  This system, from Lighthouse, helps us with appointment confirmation by phone, email, text and postcard.  It will also be an aide in direct mailings, newsletters and patient surveys.  These surveys are a valuable tool to help us learn and grow.  The Lighthouse system also integrates with our practice management program to give us up-to-the-minute reports and information about our patients each day.  We are all very excited to begin the use of this marvelous piece of technology.  We hope you benefit from it as much as we think you will. 

The second item is a new piece of equipment to help our crown appointments go smoother.  The Lava Chairside Oral Scanner takes a digital impression of a tooth and transfers that image directly to the lab.  From that data a crown is fabricated to fit precisely in you mouth.  We eliminate most of the material and manual mistakes that can cause a crown to not fit correctly or possibly be sensitive after being cemented.  The accuracy of this technology is truly impressive.  It is the most sophisticated optical system we have ever used.  Your comfort will increase since we can eliminate the trays and putty like substances that were part of impression taking until now.  Those of you that have problems with gagging will benefit the most.  The wand to take the digital impression is no bigger than the intraoral cameras we have been using for years.  If you are interested, be can also show you a magnified image of you prepared tooth and even let you view it in 3D.   This latest advancement in technology is sure to improve your dental experience at our office.

As with everything we incorporate into our office, we have these new items to make your dental experience at our office the very best it can be.  Please give us feed back on these or any technologies we use in the office.  If you have problems, questions or comments, let us know.  We are here for you! 

Thanks for reading!

Dr Bruce

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