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First birthday, first visit. Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists and Dr. Sexton agree that your child should visit the dentist by his or her first birthday. This first visit helps establish a dental home for your child and begin a prevention program. Dental problems like early childhood caries (formally known as baby bottle tooth decay or nursing caries) happen early in a baby’s life. Once your baby eats or drinks anything other than breast milk, erupted teeth are at risk for decay. During your child’s visits, Dr. Sexton also helps you learn the best ways to care for your children’s teeth. Look forward to learning information and tips like:

  • Children should never fall asleep with a bottle containing anything other than water.
  • Drinking juice from a bottle should be avoided.
  • Children should be weaned from the bottle at 12-24 months of age.
  • Thumb sucking is normal for infants – most stop by 2 years old. Prolonged thumb sucking after age 3 can create crooked teeth or bite problems.
  • Teething rings, cool spoons and cold wet or frozen washcloths all can soothe teething pains.
Q: Are baby teeth really that important?

A: Your child’s “baby” teeth, or primary teeth, help with proper speaking and chewing. They also cut the path that permanent teeth can follow once they are formed and ready to erupt. Your child’s overall dental health is very important. Tooth decay is the largest unmet healthcare need for children and is five times more common than asthma. Poor oral health has systemic repercussions that ripple throughout the entire body. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, low birth weights, oral cancer and more. Proper care of your child’s teeth improves overall health.

The average modern toothbrush contains more than 2,500 bristles.

at home cleaning

Once you see teeth, start brushing twice a day using a “smear” of fluoridated toothpaste on an age-appropriate sized toothbrush.

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