Growing and Learning

Last month I talked about building a great dental team. Once I found the right people, I had to keep them motivated and challenged. I did this using education, rewards, trips and technology.

Let’s start with the technology. I mentioned a couple blogs ago that I have always embraced new technology. If it made things easier for me, my team or my patients, I wanted it. I think new technology keeps you interested and excited about your profession.

Our computers are updated and backed up regularly as well as our software programs. Our entire practice is computer based. We gave up paper charts several years ago. From any spot in the office we can access your information and help you in any way you need. Our X-rays are digital; making for better images, better diagnosis and less radiation exposure to ourselves and our patients. We have had intraoral cameras for years. With these you can see what we see and understand your own needs better. We have VelScope which detects oral cancer at its earliest stages. We have Spectra which detects decay at its earliest stages. We digitally scan most of our crown preparations making for the best fitting restorations possible. Our Caesy education system provides video education for almost any dental procedure.   This makes it easier for our patients to understand the treatment we are recommending. Ultrasonic scalers make routine cleanings faster and more comfortable. Magnifying loops and lights allow the hygienist to do the best job possible.

We found these technologies, and many more by attending continuing education events. In addition to our annual trip to the Chicago Midwinter dental meeting, we attend the Michigan Dental Association’s annual education session. The Dr. and many team members have been to American Dental Association meetings in Honolulu, San Francisco, New Orleans, San Antonio, Orlando, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. In addition we have been to meetings in Dallas, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City and Atlanta. Our team has taken 3 educational cruises in the Caribbean together and we’ve been to Hawaii as a team. Through these travel and educational opportunities we keep our team motivated and at the top of our profession.

The best thing we did to provide growth and learning for our practice was to hire the Jameson Management team to become our professional coaches in 2003. They have turned a group of highly educated and motivated people into a team. Jameson Management has helped us organize our business systems to enable us to run our practice more efficiently. They have taught us to communicate better so that we can work together toward our common goals. They have worked with us so that each and every patient experience is the best it can be. I personally have been involved in leadership training on several levels over the last decade and that helped me to be a better boss, dentist and person.

Our efforts in education, training and technology are all aimed at allowing us to give our patients the best dental experience possible. We hope we have achieved that for each and every one of you.

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Thanks for reading,

Dr. Bruce