I Hate That Numb Feeling!

As dental professionals, we have to have pretty thick skin.  No matter what we do, somebody complains!  “I hate the shots.”  “I hate the noise.”  “I hate the smells.”  “I just hate going to the dentist. “  Some of these things are unavoidable, but “the numb feeling” we can overcome!

The numbness from a dental injection can linger for 3-5 hours in the average patient.  This can affect your speech, your smile, and your ability to eat and drink.  Sometimes you even drool.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of that numb feeling quicker?  Well, now we can with OraVerse!  OraVerse is a new product that reverses the effects of local anesthesia. 

With a simple, safe injection we can return you to normal sensation and function in about half the time.  Imagine going back to work and being able to talk on the phone or with your co-workers sooner.  Meals would not have to be delayed.  Your smile would return faster.  Who knows what people think when they see you give them a crooked smile?  Let’s not even get into the drooling!

So, now you’re thinking: “Another shot?  No way!”  The good news is that we inject in the same site as the first injection.  You are already numb there!  Most patients feel absolutely nothing.  The biggest down side is that since we are giving two injections, the injections site is slightly more likely to be sore afterward (5% in clinical tests). 

 OraVerse is not recommended for children under 6, patients under 33 pounds or pregnant patients.   Like all great things it also has a cost.  Our fee for OraVerse is only $10 per visit. 

Let’s review.  That annoying numb feeling is gone in half the time or less.  It is painless and has almost no down side.  It is very affordable.  What else could you want?  How about this:  If you wish to try OraVerse for the first time, just ask one of our dental assistants about it and we will let you try this awesome product for yourself at no charge. 

We want you to have the most comfortable dental experience possible!  This commitment begins before you walk in the door and extends long after you leave.  So if you hate that numb feeling after your appointment, try OraVerse at your next visit!

Thanks for Reading,

Dr. Bruce