It’s Almost October!

October means so many things to our office. Saturday October 1st is the Wayland Chamber Community Expo.  We will be participating again this year.  Come check out our booth right inside the door of the Middle School gym.

Personally, October 1st brings bow season.  I will probably be out in my stand watching for deer before expo even starts this Saturday morning.

Professionally, October brings National Dental Hygiene Month. Normally this is where I would brag about how wonderful our hygienists are, but I’m leaving that up to you!  Go to our Facebook page at: and let everyone know who your favorite hygienist is: Carrie, Heather, Jenn, Rebekah, or even Jill or Diane.  Let your hygienist know she is appreciated.

Being a hygienist is an interesting job. They are dedicated to helping you have healthy teeth and gums.  The hardest part for them is getting patients to follow the path to oral health.  Patient compliance is the biggest challenge faced by hygienists.  Over 50% of the households in America NEVER buy floss.  Contrary to recent media hype, flossing is the single best thing you can do to keep your gums healthy.

So, I am challenging you! Honor your hygienist and follow their directions.  Floss!!!  Once you get in the habit, it takes less than a minute one time a day!  Do it for Carrie! Buy the electronic toothbrush they have been recommending for years!  A Sonicare or an Oral B mechanical brush will clean your teeth up to 40% better than you can!  Do it for Heather! Invest in a Waterpik!!  We see amazing results from this machine.  Do it for Jenn! Take an interest in your oral health.  Listen to the numbers from your perio exam.  Ask questions when you don’t understand.  Respect the fact that your hygienist is working for you and with you to make YOUR mouth healthy.  Do it for Rebekah, Jill, Diane or whoever your hygienist is.  They work hard for you, work a little harder for them.

The next time you visit your hygienist, thank them for their interest in your problems. Listen to their advice.  Then get off your butt and follow their recommendations.  You owe it to yourself and to your hard working dental hygienist.

Thanks for Reading,

Dr. Bruce