It’s Dental Assistant Recognitinon Week!

Dental Assistants are the unsung heroes of any successful dental office. In my dental practice I have an amazing team that works hard to keep our busy practice running smoothly. Each person has an integral part in our office dynamic. While each job is vital, this month I am singling out the dental assistants, mostly because March 6-12 is Dental Assistants Recognition Week!

The business team greets you at each visit and assists you as you check out. They are the ones interacting with you on the phone. Chances are the hygienists spend the most time with you. They get to see you for at least 2 hourly sessions each year. However, you will probably don’t interact with the assistants nearly as often as everyone else. They may only cross your path when you are in my chair. This is usually when you need clinical treatment and you may be apprehensive, nervous, or down right scared. This is when most people are least likely to want to have a pleasant chat.

This is where the dental assistant shines! They dive in and make you, as the patient, feel comfortable. They are warm and friendly and enjoy spending time with you. They try to get your mind off what you are most worried about and reassure you that everything will be easier than you anticipate. They will answer your questions. They know everything about the procedures, and they seem to explain it so simply. The dental assistant is there to make sure your dental appointment is the absolute best it can be.

Even before you arrive they are working hard for you. They review each appointment ahead of time. They clarify any questions about the treatment. They then set up the room so that everything is ready and can go as smoothly as possible. As they assist during the procedure, they work quickly, calmly and efficiently. They adapt and alter the treatment sequence when the situation dictates. Afterward, they explain the treatment done that day, give you instructions for post-operative care, enter the treatment into the computer system and escort you to the front while answering all of your new questions. Afterward, they hurry back and clean the room for the next patient.

My dental assistants also triage emergencies, take x-rays, deal with lab cases, take impressions, do intraoral digital scanning, make and seat temporaries, help the hygienists, sterilize instruments, set up trays and do a variety of other things to help the practice and the patients.

I truly appreciate how awesome my dental assistants are. I could not function without them. Nor would I want to. Get to know my marvelous assistants on our web page: and please join me on Facebook this coming week to recognize and thank Mary, Judy, Melissa, Jessica and Lisa for the outstanding job they do for all of us!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Bruce