It’s October 1st and It’s a Great Day!

For our practice it’s a great day because today we start our monthly blogs.  For me it’s a great day because deer hunting begins today with the opening day of bow season.  I’d have to say bow hunting is my favorite pastime.  The fall weather is wonderful.  I just enjoy being outside, watching what is going on in the woods and fields.  This morning I was out before dawn, ready to go.  Unfortunately, confidence and excitement were beaten by reality.  I did not even see a deer.  Lots of squirrels to watch and one tailless cat went by.   But, it was a beautiful morning and the hunting season stretches out before me. 

More importantly, today I’m writing the first of what will be a monthly feature for you to enjoy.  My blogs will cover dental issues, new technologies, answers to patient questions, and anything that is related to health, dentistry, our practice and our patients.  My big concern is coming up with interesting topics, so help me out and submit any ideas you have.  If you have a health or dental question or just want to know about something current, send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to address your issues in a future blog. 

Since this is my first blog, I’d thought I’d share a little bit about myself.  You already know I love hunting.  I spend a lot of time in the fall at some property we own south of Wayland and at a cabin I share with my dad up north near Manistee.   I have a younger brother and sister who both live in Michigan.  We grew up in Parchment which is a suburb of Kalamazoo and is a lot like Wayland in size and sense of community. 

I went to the University of Michigan for my undergraduate work as well as Dental School.  I graduated in 1984 and moved to Wayland to begin practice that year.  My wife Sara and I live in Wayland on South Locust Street.  Our son Nick is in his third year at Central Michigan University where he is studying sports management.  Our daughter Emily is a senior at Wayland Union High School and hopes to go to Michigan next year.  Through Sara I also have a step son Jeremy who lives in Lowell and a step daughter Michelle who lives in Shelbyville.  Our three grandkids (Michelle’s) all go to Wayland Schools and are 6, 9 & 14.

I’ll share more about myself in the future, but I’m going to end for now and not over do it on my first attempt.  I really hope you enjoy this new monthly feature.  I would appreciate feedback of all kinds.   After all, if you don’t enjoy reading these then I’m just wasting time that could be used for hunting.

Thanks for reading. 

Dr Bruce