Staying indoors doesn’t have to be a chore.

Sometimes, life throws you for a loop and all your family activities are in a pile. You’re working from home, and the kids are all out of school. This is a challenge under any circumstances!

If this is the case right now for you, you’re probably all spending an abnormal amount of time with one another. As a result, you’re starting to drive each other nuts.

But no fear—we’re here with some entertaining family activities you can do while practicing social distancing. They’ll definitely switch things up and keep everyone happy! Read on to find out some exciting household activities.

Read an eBook together.

Just because the kids are out of school doesn’t mean they have to stop learning. Turn reading into a fun family activity that everyone can join in on.

If your children are old enough, they can take turns being in charge of storytime. Not only does this allow them to practice their reading skills, but it can definitely give them a sense of achievement and pride to be the one reading the story to their parents and siblings.

If your kids are too young to read on their own, then gather them around for storytime while you or your spouse read to them. If there are different parts of a dialogue in the eBook, it can help to each take on different roles so your kids can imagine the story even further.

In either case, make it more magical by dressing up in the theme of the book each time you read. This can help immensely with their imaginations!

Floss and brush together.

Use this opportunity to teach the little ones some good habits. If you don’t already all floss and brush together as a family, start doing so now.

You probably already eat most meals together, if not all. After everyone’s helped clear the table and the dishes are washed, hand around the floss and have everyone follow the leader. This can help ensure your children have good flossing habits.

Also, when you wake up and before you go to bed, gather the little ones in the bathroom with you. Make brushing a silly time to spend with one another, and they’ll start looking forward to this usually tedious habit. When you can help them associate good thoughts with flossing and brushing, they’ll be more likely to keep up with these habits as they get older.

Do arts and crafts.

Is your closet stuffed full of art supplies that you intended to either use yourself or give to your kids to play with? Then this is the perfect time to bring all this stuff out.

Each child has their own preferences when it comes to arts and crafts. They also tend to change their minds often, so the more variety you have, the better.

Set up stations for things like drawing, painting, and sculpting. Supervise them and maybe join in with your own creations.

If you want to make things really exciting, follow the format of speed dating. Give each child a station and time them for a few minutes. Once that time’s up, they have to switch and go on to the next station. They can either start their own creations or try and finish each other’s.

This can generate some very interesting results!

Cook and bake together.

This is the perfect time to teach your children some necessary life skills. One day, they’ll move out and will need to know how to cook food to sustain themselves.

Show them how to prep food and let them try the basics, such as frying an egg or steaming some veggies. Let them plate each family member’s meal so they can feel like an accomplished chef.

You can also use this opportunity to teach them about the nutrition content of certain ingredients and what they should eat plenty of.

As for baking, make sure you don’t make the treats too sugary, as this can lead to cavities. There are plenty of ways of making tasty baked goods without piling on the sugar.

Go “camping.”

If you have a backyard, take your kids “camping” for a night. This can work especially well if you already have a tent. Once everyone’s inside, you can imagine that you’re at your favorite campsite.

Otherwise, make a fort in the middle of your living room where everyone can pile inside. You can even do storytime in there too!

Play your favorite video games.

If your kids aren’t interested in any of the above activities, then maybe they’ll enjoy some video games instead. This can be an excellent way to help them keep in touch with their schoolmates if they’re missing them.

There are plenty of co-op games that are family-friendly, such as Minecraft. Depending on their ages, your children may not necessarily want to play with you, but if they do, try picking up some of their favorite games so you can join in on the fun with your loved ones. For instance, you can all work towards building a huge self-sustaining castle in Minecraft. Tackling a large project together can be very satisfying. 

Have fun while practicing social distancing.

Being cooped up with your family doesn’t have to be a boring time. With the above activities, you can turn social distancing into an entertaining time for your little ones.

So hunker down, explore your options, and remember to treasure every moment spent with your family. You’re all safe and sound at home, after all!

Once the pandemic is over, your family will need to resume its regular dental checks. When that time comes, make an appointment with us!


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