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You are entitled to a lifetime of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. We are thrilled to welcome you to our practice!

When you visit us for the first time, don’t forget these important items:

New Patient Forms – please use the links below to fill out our new patient forms, which will be submitted securely through our HIPAA compliant platform. Completing these forms before your appointment will ensure the timeliness of your check-in. 

Radiographs – bring any radiographs (x-rays) or ask your previous dentist to send them to us

Pre-medication – if you take antibiotics for pre-medication prior to dental appointments, make sure you take them one hour ahead of your appointment time

Insurance – bring your dental insurance card and any other necessary insurance information


Here’s what you can expect from your first appointment!

You’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation of your dental health. Dr. Sexton and his team have identified five components that together give you a complete and accurate assessment of your dental health and wellbeing. By performing this assessment first, Dr. Sexton is able to customize a treatment plan that takes into account your needs, your personal goals, and your budget.

In your initial exam, we’ll evaluate your:

Medical History and Condition
This component includes a review of past and current health conditions that may affect your dental health, a review of medications and/or supplements that may affect your dental health, a blood pressure reading and a review of any personal dental concerns.

Dental/Facial Balance
You’ll receive a smile analysis to evaluate the positioning of your teeth relative to the features of your face. We’ll take digital photos to create a Cosmetic Analysis for use in future consultations.

Bite and Joint Function
An assessment of your bite, jaw support and positioning, as well as an analysis of arch form and function will be completed for you. We’ll also conduct a screening for TMJ and take note of any abnormal tooth wear.

Periodontal and Tissue Health
You’ll receive an oral cancer screening of all tissues, as well as full mouth radiographs to evaluate hard tissues (bone and teeth). We’ll utilize an intra-oral camera to examine your gums and supporting bone for signs of gingivitis, and document any tooth mobility, gum recession or the presence of any plaque and calculus (tartar).

A thorough examination, including x-rays will help to determine the presence of any decay, broken teeth or any faulty restorations (fillings). If necessary, we’ll conduct an evaluation of your sugar intake and diet.

Since we do not know the health of your mouth or the condition of your gum tissue, and because of the thoroughness of this first appointment, we will not be performing a cleaning at this time. Once we determine your oral health, Dr. Sexton will sit down with you and develop a treatment plan that best suites your needs and desires. Then we can customize your cleaning appointment to suit your individual needs.

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