Office Renovation: It’s easier said than done!

We are almost done with the renovations to our reception and business area.  We have expanded the patient lounge to include a kids’ area, a beverage bar, a larger coat area and more room to move around. We also enlarged our front desk to give us an additional check out area and more room to work.  Finally, we added an additional consultation area to better accommodate our patients needing referrals, extensive treatment discussions or financing arrangements.  We hope you enjoy the new look.  We believe these changes will make your experience at our office even better than it was before.

I am not a stranger to office renovations.  In 1984, my associate (Arnold Van Dyk) and I purchased the dental practice of Alan Dangremond and completely renovated the entire office before re-opening full time in September.  By 1990, we had outgrown that office and with my partners Pete Howard and Dennis Reno, we built the Wayland Professional Building.  I designed and equipped the new office in suite #1 and moved my business in October of that year.   In 2002 we were again too crowded and we underwent renovations to expand our operation into suite #2.  With the current re-model of 2013, I think I am done with big changes.

The first renovation was exciting!  It was my first practice and things were new.  Building a brand new building and designing an office space was also a fun experience.  Starting with nothing and having total input was awesome.  By the time we expanded, we were so cramped that we couldn’t wait for more space.  This time was different.  It didn’t “have” to be done.

It all started with some discussions about updating the paint, carpet and wall mural that we had in the reception area.  Then we started brain-storming about other things we “could” do.  Then the wish list started.  After weeks of planning, we needed someone to help us with the design.  After a lengthy search, we found a contractor and the renovation was on.  Once the construction plan and timetable were in place, it was decision time.  Wow, so many decisions!  Carpet, paint, how many colors, countertop, ceiling tile, light fixtures, kids games, coffee makers, refrigerators, printers, computers, consult desks, work desks, trim, window treatments, wall décor, and on and on.  I got exhausted choosing, deciding, picking and making up my mind.  I did have lots of help.  My team, my wife and many friends gave me advice and options.  All of this would have been much worse without their support and guidance.

Now it’s almost done.  Just a few things for the walls and it will be great.  I am very happy with the result.  I think it was worth it.  But I also think I won’t do anything like it again.  Next time it will be just paint and carpet.  I love our office now.  We won’t need any major changes from here on that I can foresee.  For that I am grateful.  Renovation is easier said than done.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Bruce