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Your comfort is not only important during treatment, it is also important in the hours and moments immediately following your treatment. That’s why Dr. Sexton invests in OraVerse – the first and only product that rapidly reverses the effects of your local dental anesthetic. OraVerse is safely administered by Dr. Sexton after your dental procedure and has been proven effective in patients ranging from 4 to 92. Reduce lingering numbness and get back to your normal routine twice as fast with this breakthrough technology.

Q: How long am I going to be numb?

A: Usually, it takes between 3-5 hours for the numbness to wear off.

I Hate That Numb Feeling!

As dental professionals, we have to have pretty thick skin. No matter what we do, somebody complains! “I hate the shots.” “I hate the noise.” “I hate the smells.” “I just hate going to the dentist.” Some of these things are…

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