Pretend You’re Rich and Famous with a Star-Quality Smile

You Can Have a Star-Quality Smile

Star-Quality Smile with Veneers

Life can be harsh on your teeth. Fillings, stains from food and drink, and chips or cracks from sports or accidents all add up to make most people’s smiles less than perfect. Even if you do manage to avoid stains, dental trauma, and decay, your natural smile is likely not perfectly straight and symmetrical. Nature is rarely generous enough to grant a star-quality smile.

So why do so many actors, singers, and other celebrities seem to have ideal teeth? The answer is, as with so many things in Hollywood, a little aesthetic magic. Veneers are the solution to the problem of the imperfect smile for many celebs. Veneers are thin strips that are bonded permanently to the front aspects of your teeth. This cosmetic dental treatment allows you to keep your own teeth while resolving numerous cosmetic issues including:

  • Discoloration or staining
  • Cracks and chips
  • Unattractive fillings
  • Overly large gaps between your teeth
  • Teeth are mildly crooked or misaligned
  • …and more

Here is an inside look at just a few of the many famous people who have veneers. By reading their stories, you’ll be able to see how a set of porcelain veneers from Bruce Sexton, DDS can help to drastically improve your smile too.

George Clooney


Women love him, and men want to be him. However, this actor with the notoriously coy grin did not always have perfect chompers. Reportedly, the Ocean’s Eleven star suffers from a condition called bruxism or teeth grinding. Bruxism can be brought on by various issues including stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and more. Whatever the cause, bruxism may cause serious damage to your jaws and teeth.

In Clooney’s case, his bruxism wore down his teeth to a noticeable degree. He had particular problems with those highly-visible front teeth such as the incisors and canines. Fortunately, cosmetic veneers fixed all that by “lengthening” his teeth and giving them an even, uniform appearance.

If you compare photos of Clooney in earlier years to more recent pictures, you’ll probably notice that his teeth look a bit longer now. They are also much whiter, thanks again to veneers. If veneers worked for Dr. Ross of ER, they can work for you.

Ben Affleck


Arguably, Affleck’s breakout role was in 1997’s Good Will Hunting. Look closely at his scenes in this film, and you can see his teeth look somewhat crooked and yellowed. In more recent films, his teeth look charming, and Ben has his veneers to thank.

Who knows? Maybe Affleck’s star-quality smile helped him to land the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Justice League movie from 2017, but don’t blame his veneers if you didn’t enjoy his acting.

Cardi B

Misaligned Teeth

This female rapper was born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. Along with her name, she also inherited several dental problems. Photos from Cardi B’s youth reveal several misaligned teeth along her lower jaw as well as significant teeth darkening. A set of veneers eliminated these issues, and Cardi B now looks more the part of a Hollywood success.

Cardi B is reportedly delighted with her new smile. In fact, she even sang about fixing her teeth in the track “Bodak Yellow.”

Chris Rock

Multi-length Teeth

There is little doubt that Chris Rock is hilarious. More questionable is whether the comedian and actor had veneers placed. However, it seems likely given the dramatic transformation in his smile from his old stand-up days to just after his memorable role in 1998’s Lethal Weapon 4. Rock took home a major paycheck from the film, and he used some of that cash for extensive work on his teeth. Before his dental treatment, Rock’s front teeth were all different lengths. After 1998, however, he sported a beautiful, symmetric smile. This dramatic change suggests that veneers were among his cosmetic dental procedures.

Miley Cyrus

Crooked Teeth

Cyrus is another one of the countless former Disney Channel stars who went on to a successful singing career. Look back at her Disney days, and you’ll see that Hannah Montana has very crooked and uneven teeth. Cyrus admits that she corrected her grin with veneers, and the results are remarkable. Even today, her teeth are not perfectly straight, but the improvement is certainly drastic. Miley’s mouth no longer looks like it was hit with a wrecking ball.

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Zeta-Jones is an excellent example of someone who had a nice smile before but really upped her wow factor after getting veneers. The spouse of Michael Douglas, Zeta-Jones had straight teeth but with a noticeable diastema (gap) between her front teeth. Also, her teeth were pretty dark, possibly as a result of smoking or imbibing coffee, tea, or red wine. Her veneers changed all that.

Now, Catherine’s smile merely is dazzling. Her teeth are straight, symmetrical, and undeniably brilliant. Zeta-Jones’ perfect smile positively contributes to her youthful and healthy appearance.

Victoria Beckham

Uneven Spaces

She’s known as Posh Spice and as the wife of soccer superstar David Beckham, but Victoria did not always have a star-quality smile. Photos from her adolescent years reveal teeth that were unevenly spaced and of differing lengths. The word is that Beckham had veneers placed to make her smile more aesthetic around the same time that the Spice Girls shot to fame. Today, she can boast bright, even, and simply amazing teeth.

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Are you interested in finding out more about what veneers can do for your smile? Just contact the expert team at Bruce Sexton, DDS. You don’t have to have a Hollywood budget to have the Hollywood smile, either.


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