Snoring & Sleep Apnea

in Wayland, Michigan

Are you tired, stressed out and moody because of interrupted sleep? Sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing stops for periods of 10 seconds or longer, can interrupt the deep sleep that makes you feel rested.

When you stop breathing during sleep for 10 or more seconds, you have “apnea.” OSA, or obstructive sleep apnea, is one type of sleep apnea. Lack of adequate breath during sleep reduces your airflow, causing your brain to tell your body to wake up and breathe. In some cases, this causes you to only move into a lighter stage of sleep, while other times, you wake completely.

Many factors may contribute to airway blockage, from the size of passages and oral or airway structures, to swelling of passageways or position of the tongue. Disrupted deep sleep is dangerous and can affect your mood, your health and cause daytime sleepiness. The added stress and fatigue can cause lack of concentration, loss of memory and accidents in the workplace or while driving. Other health risks include high blood pressure and heart problems, and even a risk of premature death. Your sleep apnea may cause you to snore, disturbing your sleeping partner’s rest too.

A few tests can determine whether you suffer from OSA, and non-surgical therapies may alleviate your problem. Some patients may now wear dental appliances that reposition the tongue or mandible (lower jawbone). A Swedish study showed that the anterior mandibular positioning dental device (AMP) is actually more effective than surgical therapies. The same study stated that adverse health effects and appliance repairs were rare.

According to experts, sleep apnea is an under-diagnosed condition and more men than women suffer. If your sleeping partner says you snore or stop breathing while asleep, or if you experience daytime sleepiness, contact us for a consultation. A sleep apnea device may improve your quality of life. It’s just another way Dr. Bruce Sexton can help you smile!

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