Team Building

From last month you may remember that by 1990 we had moved into our new office in the Wayland Professional Building. We had started a tradition of education and technology that has carried over to this day. The 90’s became our decade of growth and team building.

I believe that behind every great leader is a great team. In my case, a great team helped me to become a successful leader and businessman. In the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, the author talks about getting the right people on your bus (or team), getting the people in the right seats on the bus, and heading that bus in the right direction. We talk about this a lot in our practice. In the 90’s I started filling my bus. I already had Diane on board. She was instrumental in getting a progressive hygiene program in place for our patients. I am sure that our practice would not be the same without Diane.

In 1991 we added Rachel as a clinical assistant. As it turns out that wasn’t the optimum seat for her. We eventually moved her to the business area of the practice where she has become the leader of our business team. Rachel is an incredible employee and we are fortunate to have her.

Our next gem was Mary in 1992. She stepped into our office when we were in desperate need of some help. Thanks to her patience and easy manner we eventually blended into a great dentist/assistant team. She now works both as an assistant and as our awesome “New Patient Coordinator.” I am thankful for her every day!

In 1994 we added Carrie to our Hygiene Team. Teaming her with Diane created a duo that has kept our hygiene department at the highest standards for over 20 years. We are all grateful to have Carrie on our team providing such great patient care. She gives 100% to each patient and they get ideal care from her every time.

Our next person on the bus was Jeannette in 1995. She fit right in to her spot on the team and has been a hard working member of our team ever since. She keeps our clinic area running by setting up for each patient, cleaning rooms and sterilizing instruments. She does so many things for each of us that I can’t begin to list them all. Her willingness to help and her insight and input as a team member make her a valuable asset. Next year she will retire and we are going to miss her.

Along with these people, many more great employees came and went. Many were instrumental in the growth and success of our team. I realized that these women were all working very hard to provide the best dental experience possible to our patients. In gratitude I began doing little things for them to make sure they felt appreciated. It started with a holiday shopping trip. Next came road rallies, photo scavenger hunts, White Caps and Griffins games and team lunches. We did many things to add fun to our jobs and build togetherness and trust amongst our team. We even started going to the Chicago Midwinter Meeting as a team. Those days of education and fun built a team unity and cohesiveness which has made this the greatest dental team ever assembled.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Bruce

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