The Transition Years!

After purchasing the dental practice in 1987, I immediately purchased the first computer for our office. It was a DOS based system and had limited capabilities compared to today. However, it was my first technology purchase. Over the last 30 years I have been fascinated with dental technology and have never been afraid to invest in technology that would make things better for me, my team or my patients.

My next purchase was my first home on Violet Street on the north side of Wayland. Shortly after that, I met Sara Bartell and her two children Michelle and Jeremy. They quickly became a big part of my life and Sara and I were married on August 12, 1989. By October of 1990 our family had expanded as Nicholas Alan was born. The addition of these four, and later my daughter Emily, has given me an incredible home life that I love and cherish. They have made me very happy.

While my personal life was undergoing a huge transformation, so was my professional life. In February of 1988 I made my first trip to the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting. Dr. VanDyk had encouraged me to take educational courses and that is a lesson I have continued throughout my professional life. The Chicago Midwinter meeting has been a large part of my learning and growing. I have attended every Midwinter meeting since that first one in 1988.

In September 1988 I had the incredible luck to find and hire Diane Weatherhead as our hygienist. Diane is still with me today. She is not only a valued employee, but also a cherished friend and a trusted advisor. The practice of Bruce Sexton DDS would not be the same without her being part of it.

The other big transition for our practice began in 1989 when my landlord asked me to begin looking for a place to move my practice. He wanted to expand the Wayland Hotel into my suite. He was very nice about the whole thing and gave me plenty of time to figure things out. I look back and am grateful to Bill for allowing me to look forward and grow. It’s a move I would have made eventually, but as it turned out, the timing was perfect for a change.

My new friend Dennis Reno from the Reno Insurance Agency stepped in to help. We decided to build the Wayland Professional Building to house my office and provide additional office space for downtown. We partnered with Pete Howard from the Buehler Realty and formed the RHS Company. We then purchased the land of the former Farmhouse Restaurant next to and behind the historic Henika Public Library.

In October of 1990 I moved into Suite #1 of the four-suite, 6000 square foot, Wayland Professional Building at 145 South Main Street. We expanded to 4 chairs and updated our sterilization area as well as our business area. I also got my own office for the first time. We used a deer theme to coincide with our new deer logo and my love of deer hunting. The employees appreciated the new space and, most importantly, the patients loved it!

Thanks for reading and look for more next month.

Dr. Bruce

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