What Do You “Geek”?

Henika District Library running a promotion:  “I Geek”.  It is asking its patrons what they are geeked about.  That got me to thinking about what I “Geek”.  Of course family and friends and work could all fall under this category, but we all have those things.  We may not always be geeked about them, but that is another topic.  I looked up “Geek” and found the best description is this case would be “to be enthusiastically interested in a subject”.  So what am I enthusiastic about?

Well, it’s hunting season, so the first thing I thought of was deer hunting, specifically bow hunting.  I love to bow hunt.  I had to evolve from a compound bow and ladder stands to a cross bow and enclosed blinds, but I really enjoy getting out in the woods and watching for anything that may wander by.

It’s also football season.  I love football.  Michigan, the Lions, and Wayland are all teams I follow and watch whenever I can. I had season tickets to Michigan football for many years, and have spent a few Thanksgivings attending the Lions annual turkey day game.  My son Nick helps coach Wayland’s Varsity Football team, so that has given me a new interest in the Wildcats.  I also have played fantasy football for over 20 years.  I currently play in 4 leagues with friends and 2 more leagues online.  Now there is a “geek’ pastime!

We can’t forget about hockey season.  I have had season tickets to the Grand Rapids Griffins since 1998 and was “geeked” when they won the League Championship for the first time last year.

There are many other things that I really enjoy, but I finally decided what I really “geek” is reading.  I am always in the middle of a book.  Currently I am reading one book and listening to another audio book while I hunt or drive.  My book shelf has 14 books on it waiting for me.  My Kindle has 19 unread novels.  My usual fare is murder and suspense novels.  My favorite authors include James Patterson, John Grisham, Tami Hoag, Sue Grafton, JD Robb, Scott Turow and John Sanford.  But I geek Stephen King more than anything!

The first Stephen King novel I read was Salem’s Lot back in collegeIt got me hooked and is still my favorite King novel.  Mr. King takes bazaar, unimaginable topics, and makes them seem like they could actually happen.  I get lost in the story and don’t want to put the book down.  For a while, it seemed like a new King novel came out every year right around exam time.  I admit, I spent more time reading then I should have during those times.  A couple other big favorites of Stephen King are Cujo, Misery and his latest; Doctor Sleep.

So now you have a little insight about what “I Geek”.  I’m sure the library will be happy to hear that my “geek” is books!

Thanks for Reading,

Dr. Bruce