Your Coupon is About to Expire!

It is always disappointing when you have a really great coupon, but when you finally get to the store to get the item, you find that the coupon is expired.  You realize how much you wanted or needed the item and you are upset with yourself for not getting it sooner.  A couple days sooner, or an extra trip to town and you would have saved so much with that coupon.

These days dental insurance is a lot like a coupon.  You get a great service for less than full price.  Most every dental insurance “coupon” comes with two cleanings a year and 50% off most other services up to $1000.  Some insurance plans are even better that that.  That is $1000 of free dental work every year!

So why would you let your dental “coupon” expire?  It’s worth $1000 or more!  It’s not for just one item, one visit or one service.  You can keep coming back until you use the entire $1000.  Sure, next year you get another coupon for the same amount, but this one goes to waste.  The $1000 does not carry over to next year.  What if something happens and you suddenly need more work than your coupon covers?  You will wish you had used last year’s coupon more effectively!

Our office strives to help you understand and get the best use of your insurance benefits.  If you are overdue for your cleaning or haven’t gotten around to that filling you need, call our office and let us tell you how much you have left in insurance benefits.  Have we been talking about that tooth that should have a crown but you’ve just been putting it off?  Why not use the benefits you are entitled to? Why let the insurance company keep your money?   Please don’t put that needed work off for “another day” or “a better time”.  Today is the day! Now is the time!  To use your dental insurance most effectively, call our office today and schedule that appointment.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  The best time slots are filling up.  The end of the year is upon us.  Don’t let your coupon expire!

Thanks for Reading,

Dr Bruce